We think about solidarity as protesting usually, however we have to acknowledge that not everyone has the time, or mental health that will allow them to be physically present in protests.

Though this This published list shows ways in which we can all participate in the worldwide movement of liberation and ultimately show solidarity towards the issues that though might not affect us directly, do have an impact on the people that surround us.

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  1. Host a know your rights workshop
  2. Fundraise online
  3. Spread the word
  4. Offer to be the emergency contact
  5. attend planning meetings or strategy calls
  6. support or organize healing events
  7. cook a pre-/ post- march meal
  8. coordinate or provide childcare
  9. create and share art
  10. create a home base
  11. continue to reflect on your privilege
  12. Be a grounding of self care buddy
  13. Offer to help create a safety plan
  14. create intentional spiritual space
  15. Volunteer
  16. Work with teachers
  17. share skills
  18. make spaces to process
  19. hold space. and or organize events
  20. skype, tect, visit, show love
  21. Help amplify the protests
  22. translate documents
  23. support people with disabilities
  24. attend and/or circulate events/panels
  25. start conversations
  26. take care of yourself

For Full text: beyondthestreets

Source:Piper Anderson, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon, Ro Garrido, Emi Kane, Bhavana Nancherla, Deesha Narichania, Sabelo Narasimhan, Amir Rabiyah, and Meejin Richart. Design by Alana Yu-lan Price.


image source: Sydney B.