The people from Latin America have protested in the last 2 years trying to create awareness of the violence toward women. There were cases in which women were killed by someone they knew or sometimes in rare cases by a stranger. The cases of women being killed are still ongoing. There isn’t a lot of data on women killings, but there is a few that was estimated. In Argentina every 30 hours a woman is killed. Because this issue of violence toward women has become frequent, the Ni Una Menos movement was created to emphasize that society has had enough.

Most of the killings that have occurred against women in Latin America have existed since the 1990s. Because femicide was around for a long time, Latin American communities want to create awareness in how important it is to protect the rights of women. Also Latin America communities cannot tolerate the violence towards women and they emphasize that the machismo has escalated too much. The Latin America communities feel that womens’ lives are not valued enough and they want society to be aware that the violence toward women will only get worse unless a bill is passed to protect women from that violence.


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